Novel We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea (Form 3) : Sample Question + Answer

Question :

Based on the novel that you have studied, write about the character that you like the most. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

Answer :

Based on the novel “We didn’t mean to go to sea” by Arthur Ransome, the character that I like the most is John Walker. This is because he is very brave, intelligent and caring.

John is a very brave boy. When the four siblings are at sea, he manages to control the yacht in the bad weather, calmly and using his skills, for example when he tried to avoid the buoys and the shoals. He is also intelligent because he knows how to steer the yacht to safety, such as when he always refers to the chart and watches the compass carefully. He can think and act fast to make sure that they are safe from the fog and the storm. I like John because he is a very caring brother. He is concerned about Susan, Roger and Titty, especially when Susan suffered from sea sickness.

In conclusion, the character I like the most is John because he is a very brave, intelligent and caring person. He will be a good role model for all students.